I work with many types of paver units in a wide variety of shapes and colors. Brick patios and driveways are typically trimmed with a reinforced border (a perimeter row of brick mortared to a block or concrete base, set sub-grade). A subgrade base (a foundation set below the finish grade or in other words- below what is visible to the eye) provides structural integrity to the overall patio/driveway, keeping all the interior sand-set units in place. This method provides and enduring product which holds up extremely well to heavy traffic and the elements of weather – namely rain – which can cause erosion under the border units, therefore collapsing the border and causing the interior units to shift and settle. Too many times I have seen contractors who have mortared bricks directly to the soil. This method is a quick and inexpensive way for the contractor to expedite the project which leaves the unknowing homeowner short term satisfaction; as this method will fail long term. It also makes a very easy entry for critters to burrow under and wreak havoc on the interior portion of the floor/patio/driveway.

My goal is to give the buyer a long lasting product which will look fantastic not only at completion of install but for many years to come!