Veneer stones (Natural and Cultured) are a decorative way to dress up the face of a wall. These types of stones are often seen on a BBQ or fireplace, entry columns, a mailbox or wrapping the wall corners at the entry to a garage. Many times a homeowner will choose to paint a specific area or areas of the dwelling a contrasting color. Veneer stone is an excellent alternative which really adds a customized touch!

Natural veneer stones are just that…..natural! These stones are mined or quarried, then saw-cut on the backside (this is the side of the stone deemed the less attractive) to make it flat, allowing the stone to be easily veneered to a surface of choice.  Cultured veneer stones are manufactured using a pre-cast cement based mixture poured into a mold which, when removed, will mimic a natural stone. Lastly, the stone is painted or colored.

Natural or Cultured, the choices are many!