A fascinating material with potential in so many applications; floors, driveways, countertops, walls, etc. The finished surface can be smooth, textured, or stamped. Washing is another finish, which removes the cement cream from the surface, allowing the aggregate or rock below the surface to show. Colors can be added prior to install for a more uniform color tone or staining done after product is set and dry for a marbling color effect. To take it a step further, acid based stains can also be applied, resulting in a myriad of colors; resembling a supernova or some other astrological wonder!

Very key to a long lasting concrete product are (2) items: The first being a quality mix of aggregate (rock and sand) and cement. A quality mix will make the concrete workable to attain the desired finish that will withstand the elements over the years. The second is steel reinforcing; every project should have it! Concrete expands and contracts with the varying temperatures. Steel reinforcement will provide the structural integrity to help keep your project as intended!